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What can companies do to attract the best graduate talent?back to insights & events

What can companies do to attract the best graduate talent?

What can companies do to attract the best graduate talent?

What can companies do to attract the best graduate talent?

Whilst there are a lot of graduates looking for work, there are also many competitive and appealing schemes and programmes that snatch up the most successful graduates. Here are some steps companies can take to ensure they are appealing to the best graduate talent.  

Advertise Everywhere
Graduates are going to spend a lot of time sifting through job pages, career hubs and listings. Unless you’re an extremely well-known company, it’s no good just listing your adverts on your own website. Optimise SEO and check that your key words are pushing advertisements to the front page of Google – use job sites such as Indeed or even LinkedIn. Get in touch with your local university and ask them to advertise your position on their career pages – this is where most students and graduates will begin their search.

Optimise Social Media
Having a presence on social media sites such as Twitter, Instagram and Facebook can really boost your chances of being noticed by graduates – in fact, nowadays it’s a must. Social media really allows your company to seem more approachable, so advertise your positions and let the world know why your company is a great place to work.

Clear Job Advertisements
One of the main things that will prevent a graduate from applying to a job is an unclear advertisement. A graduate wants to know that they are qualified and suitable for a role before they apply, so make sure you clearly set out your necessary and preferred criteria. Don’t be vague as to what the role will entail – set out the responsibilities and tasks if you can. Also let graduates know what hours they will be expected to work and how you will negotiate pay.

Job Perks and Benefits
Work culture is extremely important to young people nowadays, so as well as advertising a role, your company should be able to explain what it offers in terms of benefits or perks. Flexible working, generous holiday, or learning and training opportunities are all perks you should boast about if you’re willing to offer them.

The Bigger Picture
If you want to stand out as a company, then establishing an ethical ethos is important. If you take steps to value employees, or if you’re striving for a carbon neutral workplace, then shout about it! Most graduates will be looking to work for a company whose values align with their own, so make them known. Let them know why working for you will help them make a difference.

Respond to Applications
Finally, take the time to respond to all applications – even the unsuccessful ones. It’s courteous, gives of a good message, and might also encourage applicants to reapply in the future. Who knows, they may be perfect for a different role, or they might be more willing to encourage others to apply. If you don’t respond, you’ve cut your ties. 

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