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Why join a society at university?back to insights & events

Why join a society at university?

Why join a society at university?

Why join a society at university?

When you start university, you can be confronted with a brand-new city and lots of new faces. Joining a society can offer loads of opportunities to enhance your studies and increase your enjoyment of student life. Here are just a few reasons why you should consider joining a society…

Making friends
One of the biggest hurdles of starting university is making new friends – especially if you are living alone, on a joint subject course, or are a mature student. Joining a society can link you up with likeminded people who you can interact with whilst you are participating in an activity that you love. A society also allows you to meet people outside of your year and subject – and trust us, you want to make some friends who you don’t live with.

Keeping up your hobbies
You’ll be focusing on one, or maybe two, subjects intensely over the next three or so years. Keeping up your other hobbies will offer you an escape from your escapes, diversify your experience and also allow you to continue to develop your skills in other areas!

Establishing routine
When you first go from full-time teaching schedules to managing your own time between lectures, it can feel a bit daunting. You can sometimes struggle to establish a routine, so adding society time to your timetable can help you fill your time productively. 

Get out of your halls
Elaborating on last point, university can sometimes become lonely. You’re in a new city, with new friends, and you can feel confined to your room – especially if you have a lot of work and studying to be getting on with! Societies can force you to get outside, and you’ll feel much better for it!

Boost your CV
There are loads of societies that will be partnered with specific subject areas and can help you build relevant skills or work experience. For example, writing for the university newspaper or joining the debate team can look great on a CV – especially if you join a competing society. Societies aren’t just fun - they can boost your CV and your portfolio for the future if you want them to.

Get involved in the wider community
Many societies might involve you being involved with the wider community and learning about your new area. For example, you might join a gardening society that volunteers at local allotments, or a live music society that can introduce you to all the best pubs and venues in the city! If you want to engage with your new area beyond the university community, then societies can be a great way to do this.

Don’t take on too much
As great as societies are, there are so many on offer and you will probably not have as much time as you might think. Before you spend a load of money on society passes at freshers’ week that you don’t use, maybe just choose one or two to begin with – you can always join later if you still want to!

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