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10 weirdest job roles that actually existback to insights & events

10 weirdest job roles that actually exist

10 weirdest job roles that actually exist

10 weirdest job roles that actually exist

In a job market that is so competitive, sometimes it can pay to get a little bit creative. To get your imagination rolling, we thought we’d start you off and share some job roles that are a little unusual, but are completely legit.

Brow Expert
A Brow Expert is pretty much what you’d expect – someone who is an expert at knowing what shaped brows would best suit a face. They can then wax, thread, tweeze, and dye away until their client has their perfect set of brows. 

Foley Artist
A Foley Artist is someone who creates all the background sounds for films in post-production. They’ll use a room of toys and tools to record and sync up the sound of footsteps, waves, wind, or crashes to the action in the film. Whereas recorded sound effects are used nowadays in many productions, larger budget films will still use Foley artists to create a more authentic sound.

This is a job not for everyone, but it’s a necessary one. An embalmer is someone who washes and prepares a dead body for a funeral. It sometimes involves repairing deformed or damaged corpses, dressing and making them up ready for them to be seen by family members.

Dog Surfing Instructor
You may have heard of dog surfing already – there are even World Dog Surfing Championships. So, if these dogs are competing, someone must have trained them. Yes, you can be trained as a Dog Surfing Instructor. This might possibly be the best job in the world.

Food Stylist
A Food Stylist is someone who makes food looks mouth-wateringly delicious in photography or advertisements. It sometimes involves adding weird additions to foods, such as adding extra liquids or strongly coloured foods to add moisture or plumpness.

Colour Analysist
This is another stylist role but involves people rather than foods. This person will provide a colour analysis for their client, telling them which colours will best suit their skin and hair tones. This helps people know which clothes they should and shouldn’t buy by telling them what looks best on them. Clients are normally assigned a colour wheel, such as ‘Autumn.’

Golf Ball Divers
A Golf Ball Diver is employed to work on large golf courses and collect up the balls. This can involve hunting for lost balls or searching in the lakes and ditches.

Professional Queuer
We all know that shopping events such as Black Friday are a big deal nowadays. Some people are willing to pay to secure their opportunity to find the bargains. You can be hired to queue outside shops for events such as these, or for other reasons, such as to secure tickets for in-demand events.

Life Model
A Life Model is someone who will pose – normally naked – for life drawing classes and artists. Whilst you probably can’t make a career out of it, you can earn extra cash if you are comfortable and able to sit or stand still for extended periods of time.

Sex Toy Tester
We’ll leave this one to your imagination…

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