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Why are people making the move North?back to insights & events

Why are people making the move North?

Why are people making the move North?

Why are people making the move North?

The North, the land that brought us the Beatles, Oasis and Coronation Street. A place where you don’t have to take out a mortgage for a round of drinks, a place where there's over 20 names for a breadcake, cob, roll, teacake, bap, stottie…..

13% of people leaving London in 2019 moved to the North of England. This figure was up from 1% in 2009. But why are people migrating from the capital to the North?

House prices:

Average house prices in the North are around a third of those in London. In 2019 the average house price was £475,000 in London, whereas Newcastle and Liverpool averages were £155,000 and £132,000 respectively. People are achieving property ownership sooner with smaller deposits and lower mortgage repayments.


Companies are also recognising the potential of the North, with companies such as Google, Amazon and ITV setting up offices in Manchester, whilst Channel 4 are relocating their national HQ to Leeds. Known as “North Shoring”, businesses, like individuals, are moving to the North for cheaper operating costs with average office space almost 50% per square foot cheaper in Leeds and Manchester, to the London equivalent.

They are also taking advantage of largely untapped talent pools. With over 25 universities in the North and more than 50% of graduates remaining in their university city, coupled with students avoiding the high living costs of the South, there is a real opportunity for businesses to grow and prosper in the North.

Ease of access

The majority of the North’s major cities are within close proximity to each other, giving you flexibility to live in one and commute to another if you wish. For instance, in Leeds you are around an hour away from Manchester, York, Sheffield and Newcastle can be reached in under two.

The development of HS2 in the coming years will also make it possible to commute to the South whilst benefiting from the Northern house prices.

Northern cities attracting the most attention:


Self-titled ‘the greatest city in the world’ by local man Liam Gallagher, Manchester is the ‘capital of the North’ and you daren’t disagree. Exciting, multi-cultural, lively and bursting with character and opportunities; Manchester is one of the most exciting places in England where everybody and anybody is very warmly welcomed. Read our Manchester guide here.


Leeds is an exciting, modern city, yet it still manages to maintain a proud industrial past. Located within reach of the natural beauty of the Yorkshire Dales and commonly referred to as the ‘unofficial capital of Yorkshire’. So, whether you’re looking for culture, history, shopping or just to wander and enjoy the vibrant atmosphere, award-winning eateries and many more attractions, Leeds is the place to be. Read our Leeds guide here.


Known once as the Steel City, Sheffield was famed for its industry in the 1900s. However, the smoking chimney stacks are no more and instead you’ll find a bustling, modern city set against the stunning green backdrop of the Peak District National Park. Read our Sheffield guide here.


Found in Northwest England, where the River Mersey meets the Irish Sea is Liverpool, the hometown of The Beatles.

Whether you’re a day tripper or looking to make the move, its friendly locals and lively group atmosphere, mean you’ll never walk alone in Liverpool. Friends come together as they ferry across the Mersey, and if you’re lucky you might even see a yellow submarine. Read our Liverpool guide here.


Newcastle upon Tyne. This university city located on the River Tyne is renowned for its friendly locals and love of football. The birthplace of Greggs sausage rolls and TV’s finest Ant and Dec. Here you can experience all the benefits of a major city: vibrant nightlife; arts & culture; exquisite food & drink; cultural diversity; good public transport links, on a smaller, more relaxed scale. Read our Newcastle guide here.


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