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Do I need to move to London for a graduate job?back to insights & events

Do I need to move to London for a graduate job?

Do I need to move to London for a graduate job?

Do I need to move to London for a graduate job?

Do I need to move to London to find a graduate job?
Whilst London offers a huge number of graduate opportunities, the bottom line is, no, you do not need to move to London to find a graduate job. Here’s a look at some of the reasons why you might choose to migrate to the capital, or not, and how you can find a graduate job in your ideal location.

London Perks
There are lots of good reasons to make the move. This depends on your career, but it’s likely that a larger range of clientele and interesting projects will be based in London, so you may have more opportunities in comparison to somewhere more rural, for example. It’s also likely that your starting salary will be higher and networking opportunities will be much greater.

Begin your search early
Most importantly, you shouldn’t commit to moving anywhere until you’ve found a job somewhere. So, unless you have a burning desire to go to London, you can stay in your graduate city or even move home whilst you find a graduate job. You should also try and begin your search early, so that you have an idea of where you want to be before you graduate.  

Research your sector
Find out where companies in your field are based. If you have an idea of where you might want to live, then look into organisations in that area. There might be less positions on offer than in London, but most large cities will be offering graduate jobs in a number of sectors. Speak to the people in career services at your university. They might have relationships with certain companies in the local area, and many universities will partner with organisations to offer graduate internships or schemes. They should be able to give you information about how to find jobs in your sector across the country.

Consider your financial position
London is an expensive commitment. So, before you rush to live there, consider whether you would be better off in a position outside of London, even if the wage is slightly lower. Your career is important, but so is your mental health, so be realistic about what you can manage and afford to do straight out of university. Remember, London isn’t going anywhere – you can also opt to move there later on if you want to, with a bit more work experience under your belt. 

Considering commuting
If your dream role is on offer in London, but you don’t fancy living there, then consider commuting. Many people make use of trains and live in areas further afield, such as Kent, Essex, Reading, West Sussex, or Basingstoke. It is also possible to drive into the outskirts of London and then get the tube into the centre.

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