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What career to choose after completing an English degree?back to insights & events

What career to choose after completing an English degree?

What career to choose after completing an English degree?

What career to choose after completing an English degree?

Whilst English is a respected avenue of study, it can sometimes feel very broad and difficult to foresee specific career paths. Don’t think of this as a bad thing! There are many opportunities an English degree can open up – the difficulty is deciding what you might like to pursue!

If you’re studying for an English degree, you may be tired of hearing ‘so are you going to be a teacher?’ However, it is a legitimate career option if you are willing to take your PGCE. Remember, working in education is not restricted to teaching in a school. Other jobs might include tutoring, writing or working for an examination board, or working with children in a support capacity.

You might decide to go into further postgraduate study after completing your English degree, such as an MA and then a PHD. This kind of further study can lead into lecturing or university research positions.

Marketing and Advertising
An English degree is a good grounding for anyone who wants to go into marketing or advertising because it gives you the transferable skills needed for tasks such as copywriting, proofreading or editing.

This is a traditional career route to take after studying for an English degree, because it combines research and writing. Nowadays, you aren’t restricted to writing for a newspaper or magazine – there are many online or blogging platforms that need article writers. Starting your own blog or freelancing whilst you’re at university can be a great way to build a portfolio and demonstrate to potential employees that you have a flair for writing.

You don’t necessarily need to have studied law at undergraduate to practice in law. You can do a one-year law conversion course, and an English degree is a great basis for this. So, if you don’t fancy three years of dry reading for a Law degree, you could opt to read literature instead. 

Arts and Media
Many English graduates go into roles that are involved in the Arts sector – this might include working in PR, Events, HR, or Communications. There are a world of roles available in Heritage or Theatre settings you could explore depending on what your interests within your degree subject are.  

The great thing about an English degree is that it is very transferable and broad. Think about what your interests and strengths are within your degree subject. Perhaps you are interested in reading political, environmental or feminist literature - if you have a niche specialism then perhaps there are career avenues connected to these that you can explore. The possibilities are almost endless!

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