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How social media can affect your job searchback to insights & events

How social media can affect your job search

How social media can affect your job search

How social media can affect your job search

Never has social media been such a prominent part of our lives, especially for the younger generation. With so much of our private lives being made available online, it’s worth bearing in mind that your online profiles can have an affect on job searching, as more and more employers are now searching for people’s social media accounts on application.

What employers don’t want to see
Be careful what you post to social media. Anything that involves hateful or aggressive language and opinions, or examples of bad or drunken behaviour can be a deal breaker for employers. Talking negatively about your current or past employment is definitely to be avoided.

Privacy settings
If you want to be on the safe side or have a personal space that you don’t have to filter, then check your privacy settings. It’s really easy to make your Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter completely private to eyes other than those you allow in.

Making social media work in your favour
On the flipside, you can actually use your social media in your favour. If you’re smart, your social media profile can act like a live portfolio and can be impressive to employers.

Increasingly, social media sites such as LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram can be key to managing your professional profiles online. LinkedIn is essentially your online CV with the added bonus of having testimonials to hand. Keeping your profiles updated and networking well can give off good signals. Instagram can be a great platform to showcase your interests, hobbies and skills – especially if you use it to manage a side hustle or blog.

Twitter is particularly useful for keeping up to date with what is going on in your sector. Discover new companies, networking events, and reach out to other people working in your field. You might even be able to use social media to become familiar with who it is that might be conducting any interviews you attend! 

Job hunt
Not only can social media affect your job search, it can also help it! If you’ve started your job search as a graduate, then letting people know can help – people might know about jobs you haven’t come across, and you have a much higher likelihood of being employed somewhere if you are recommended by a current member of staff.

Companies are also frequently using Facebook Pages, Groups, Twitter, and Instagram to share their job advertisements – so make sure you are following any companies that you’d be interested in working for. LinkedIn even has a job search function – so use it!

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